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Tayjari Counseling Services’ clinicians use an Object Relations theoretical perspective. We develop treatment plans that use a family-centered practice approach for a holding environment for our clients. We focus on failed past relationships with caregivers while identifying and establishing healthy, nurturing present relationships. Our clients are provided the opportunity to then develop higher self-esteem and realize self-actualization.


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Tayjari Counseling Services LLC (TCS) provides psychotherapy and Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PRP) services to transitional-aged minors and adults.  TCS’s emphasis is on children in foster care who are near emancipation from the foster care system. Our services address barriers to the necessary skills for establishing healthy and productive lifestyles, including the challenges facing youth following discharge from foster care.

We administer clinically based services that allow our clients to function at a high level on a day-to-day basis. Clients are equipped with skillsets that allow them to manage the symptoms of their mental health diagnosis and free them from the hardships of living with a mental illness.

We educate clients on mental health matters and resources available in the community to encourage wellness and promote self-sufficient living.


Each year, nearly 20,000 young adults age out of the child welfare system (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2010).  Many of these young adults exit the system without the skills, education, or resources to become self-sufficient.  A host of hardships await this population—the possibilities of homelessness, incarceration, substance abuse, violent crime, unwarrantable pregnancies—and utilizing already overburdened adult government assistance programs.

TCS believes these hardships can be prevented by addressing the underlying clinical issues affecting the level of daily functioning of teens, youth, and young adults, whether in or after foster care.  We recognize that living in foster care presents a variety of psychological issues that must be appropriately addressed for our clients to achieve greatness.


TCS recognizes the inherent psychological challenges especially faced by transitional-aged young adults who are at extreme pivotal points in their lives.  According to statistics, nearly one-third of all young adults who exit foster care will experience some level of debilitating poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, violent criminal offense, and who are utilizing already overburdened government adult assistance programs.

Through TCS, the needs of young adults are addressed on a consistent and regular basis, affording them the opportunity to exit foster care as productive and progressive citizens in our challenging society.


TCS is fully accredited by CARF International and licensed through the Baltimore County Department of Social Services (Provider No. 55121123.00), Maryland Department of Human Resources.